Councillor Jeremy Cooper the Mayor of Bodmin

The Mayor

The current Mayor of Bodmin is Councillor Jeremy Cooper.

Councillor Cooper served as Deputy Mayor to Councillor Sara Kinsman for the 2018/19 term, and as Mayor for the 2019/20 term.  He has since been re-elected by his fellow Councillors for two more terms of Office.

At the Annual meeting of The Town Council, Councillors will elect their Mayor for the next term.  This is confirmed at the Mayor Choosing Ceremony which traditionally takes place at St Petroc’s Church.

For 2022 these events will take place on 12th and 19th May.


Councillor Cooper is joined in office by his cousin, Councillor Phil Cooper, who has been appointed as Deputy Mayor for the 2020/21 term, having held the same position for the 2019/20 term. Although there are many instances of family connections throughout the history of Bodmin’s Mayors (Councillor Kinsman following in the footsteps of both her grandfather and great-grandfather; Councillor Margaret Denholm taking the helm a decade after her father-in-law, Councillor Tommy Denholm, last held the post; Councillors Linda Spear and Michelle Griffiths being the first mother and daughter to have served as Mayor; and brothers Bill and Harold Vanderwolfe both having been in office, 37 years apart), it is thought that this is the first incidence of cousins serving together.

(Photography credited to Emily Whitfield-Wicks & Bodmin and District Camera Club)

If you wish to check the Mayor’s availability for engagements, please do so via the Mayor’s Secretary – email Louise Pinnegar or call on 01208 455738.

If you wish to contact the Mayor for any other reason you can email the Mayor or contact his secretary at the Town Council office as above.