Councillors and Wards

Bodmin Town Council is made up of 16 Councillors who serve a four year term. The current Council was elected in 6 May 2021 and their term runs until May 2025.

In May of each year, a Mayor and Deputy Mayor are elected from the 16 Councillors and they each serve a one year term. The current Mayor is Councillor P T Cooper who has been elected in 2022 and the Deputy Mayor is Councillor T M Barbery.

The role of Councillor is a voluntary one, although an allowance of £184.50 per annum is available. It is down to individual Councillors whether this allowance is claimed or not. The Mayor is entitled to receive an allowance of £2,000 per annum.

Attendance register for council meetings.

Bodmin Town Councillors Register of Interest forms can be found here 

Each Councillor represents a Ward and residents within each area are represented on Bodmin Town Council by the Councillors elected within their Ward.

From May 2021 Bodmin’s Ward Boundaries have changed: view map of wards

Bodmin Town Council is made up of three Wards as follows:

Councillor attendance at committees

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