Committee dates

Bodmin Town Council holds a Full Council meeting every two months on a Thursday evening.

Each year, Bodmin Town Council also holds an Annual Town Meeting.

If any members of the public would like to attend meetings, please see details below or contact Bodmin Town Council for more details 01208 76616 or info@bodmin.gov.uk

Committee Structure

Following an Organisational Review carried out in late 2019 the Committee structure has been changed and the Council now has four Standing Committees (reduced from five), which each meet to address Council business specific to them, in between each Full Council meeting. More information about each Committee can be found below:


Agendas and Memberships

See all current Committee members and Councillor representatives on outside bodies.  See the calendar the outside bodies meetings.

An agenda for each Committee / Full Council meeting is circulated 3-4 working days before to the meeting, usually on the Friday afternoon the week prior to the meeting taking place. See the meetings calendar for details of forthcoming meetings.

Following each Committee / Full Council meeting, a set of minutes is produced. These minutes go to the next available Full Council meeting for approval of recommendations, actions and any items of expenditure. Minutes are considered and adopted at the next Committee meeting, please see each Committee page for adopted sets of minutes.

A regularly updated attendance register for council meetings is available.