Priory Meadow

Priory Meadow, located on the east side of the larger Priory Park, includes the town leat and covers 5.6 acres of the park. The site was converted to a wild hay meadow in 2009 with the hope of encouraging native wild flowers. An oasis of calm in the middle of the town, Priory Meadow provides an amazing sanctuary for wildlife and contains precious habitat for some of our declining insect species. It is anticipated that over time, and with the correct management, the diversity of this site will continue to increase. The Town Council is grateful to the Environment Agency for the donation of a number of fruit trees which were planted, with help from members of the public, in February 2020.

Keep your eyes out for wildflowers such as Southern Marsh Orchid and Lady’s Smock (Cuckoo Flower) and different species of “wax cap” fungi such as Pink or Ballerina wax cap. This type of fungi only grows on soils that have not been treated with fertilizers and, as these species are becoming increasingly endangered through habitat loss, it’s very positive that we have these growing in the middle of the town along with the many butterfly and bee species that this area also supports.

The meadow is a beautiful place to go for a walk and is very popular with dog walkers. PLEASE do remember to pick up after your pet and use one of the bins provided.

Priory Meadow
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Bug Hunt

In August 2019, Bodmin Town Council, in association with Buglife, held a Bug Hunt event in Priory Meadow. Species found on the day included:

7 Spot Ladybird
14 Spot Ladybird
Capsid Bug
Comb Footed Spider
Common Wasp
Crab Spider
Dock bug
Dung Beetle

Forest Bug
Garden spider
Green Dock Beetle
Green Shield Bug
Ground Beetle
Hairy Shield Bug
Harvestman Spider
Leaf Hopper

Orb Web Spider
Parasitic Wasps (Gall Wasps)
Plant Bug
Rove Beetle (Devils Coach Horse)
Silver Y Moth
Speckled Wood Butterfly
Tortoise Bug