Reports of damage and removal of flowers and plants in the cemeteries

Bodmin Town Council have received a few reports of flowers and plants being disturbed, removed or damaged in our cemeteries due to suspected vandalism. Bodmin Town Council have known for a while now that deer like to visit our cemeteries and we have suspected they do like to eat certain flowers. Upon further investigation we have found evidence of deer damage to flowers (bitten flower stems) along with deer tracks next to the damage.

Whilst we cannot always be certain that flower and plant disturbance, removal or damage in the cemeteries is always due to deer grazing, on most occasions this does seem to be the case when these incidents have been reported to us and investigated.

We do appreciate that any damage to flowers left to remember loved ones can be upsetting and distressing. However, the Estates team here at Bodmin Town Council are always vigilant and keen to investigate incidents of suspected vandalism. Unfortunately, there is little we can do to deter deer from our cemeteries as they are part of the ecology of the surrounding countryside here in Bodmin.

Deer 1
Deer 2
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