Hedge replacement in the Old Cemetery (Berry Tower)

Today the Estates team have removed the remains of the old hedge surrounding the memorial section of the Berry Tower cemetery. The hedge was diseased, incomplete and generally in very poor condition. A new hedge will be planted in the coming weeks.

The new hedge will consist of native species such as Hawthorn, Hazel and Holly and will be maintained on a regular basis to keep a formal and yet natural hedge around the memorial area. These traditional hedgerow species will be well suited to the more wild character of the Old Cemetery, providing winter berries for birds and shelter for a variety of wildlife.

This is part of a larger ongoing project to improve the appearance of the old cemetery and improve the site for wildlife and biodiversity. Future works will include trimming down the yew trees to their original intended heights and the removal of some Ash trees, which are unfortunately suffering from Ash dieback.

Hedge 1
Hedge 2
Hedge 3
Hedge 4
Hedge 5