The developer of the Bodmin Jail attraction, Mallino Development Limited, entered into an
agreement with the Town Council for a lease of land at Hillside Park for the construction of a
car park. The planning permission for the Jail attraction made it a condition for the car park
to be constructed to serve the attraction before it was permitted to open, and the Town
Council wished to facilitate the opening of the Jail.
As part of the agreement, Mallino agreed to both construct the car park and to replace the
town leat that runs under the car park.
Although the car park has been constructed, the leat repairs have not been completed. To
ensure that the Jail attraction could open, the Town Council granted to Mallino Development
a temporary lease to operate the car park whilst discussions about the completion of the leat
repairs were ongoing.
As the leat repairs have not been completed by the date required in the agreement with the
Town Council, and Mallino’s position is that it is not responsible for completing the repairs,
the Town Council now considers that it in the public interest to terminate Mallino’s tenancy of
the car park, and to operate the car park itself until a decision is made about the future of the
car park and advice is taken about the completion of the leat repairs