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Bodmin Town Council
Shire House, Mount Folly
Bodmin, PL31 2DQ
Tel: (01208) 76616
Bodmin Cemeteries

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Cemetery FAQ

   Opening Times

   Visitation Guidelines

   Cemetery Fees  (PDF)

   Exclusive Rights of Burial Information

   Grave Tributes

   Family History

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Additional Information

pdf  Memorial Application Form  (PDF)|

pdf  Memorial Regulations  (PDF)|

pdf  Exclusive Right Purchase  (PDF)

pdf  Interment Application  (PDF)

  Cemeteries - Printable Map  (PDF)

pdf  General Privacy Notice |

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 Cemetery Administration

The Cemeteries and Garden of Remembrance are administered by Bodmin Town Council from its main Office (see address above).

Bodmin Town Council acknowledges the importance of the Town's Cemeteries as places for commemorating the life of a loved one and acting as a focus for grief.

The Council therefore makes every effort to manage its Cemeteries in a way that enables the Town Council to maintain the highest possible standards of care and dignity, whilst at the same time respecting the rights of the individual and not placing undue restriction on individual choices.  

To assist with this, the Council has prepared this section of its website which it hopes will deal with many of the queries you may have relating to the Cemeteries. The Council also has a set of Memorial Regulations which can be downloaded.

Queries on Burial Matters

Town Council personnel will be happy to answer any questions you may have on the rules and regulations and the reasons for them (see contact information right).

Cemeteries Contact Info:

Tel: 01208 76616
Email Cemeteries Administrator |

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